Visual Journaling: Be Creative. Be Happy. Be Healthy.

Visual journaling is a therapeutic and creative process used to express personal stories, thoughts, feelings, ideas, problems, and to grow skills as an artist.  The process is more important than the final product.  It gives people the time to be mindful, release feelings, emotions, ideas and work out problems and also to celebrate successes.

Art is better in the country. Creating at Reflections Art Studio and Community is not just about the art, it is about developing relationships, connecting with nature and animals, learning about oneself, telling stories, discovering the joy of creating, and creating memories that the heart holds forever!

When clients come to me, we not only do art, we visit the animals on my acreage and often explore the acreage for inspiration.  We may create both inside my beautiful studio or outside with nature.

About us

I am an artist and solopreneur. I taught elementary school students for 26+ years and was the first teacher in Medicine Hat to create and participate in a weeklong Community Classroom at Police Point Park. 

In my classroom and community classroom events, and field trips my students and I used visual journaling as a learning tool, thinking tool, for learning new art techniques, reflecting on learning, events and thoughts and feelings.  It became evident to me how valuable visual journaling was not only for the school setting, but also for me professionally and personally.

Renee Dowling: Artist and Owner of Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom
Beautiful studio space

Our Services

I work with people of all ages and abilities.   

I provide a variety of retreats that may occur during the day, night, and weekends.

Birthday parties, PD Day Camps, week long day camps, staff development days, family nights, school field trips and Community Classroom experiences are some of the many services available.

You may also sign up for a series of lessons.  

A flexible calendar allows me to set up retreats and classes around your schedule.

Call or email to set up an appointment, retreat or class.

Set up a retreat in the country to learn art techniques to express yourself in a visual journal.


Unleash your creativity with Renee

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Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom

7130 Highway 523, Cypress County, Alberta, T1B 0L3